Dezinufy (PTY) LTD was founded in September 2015. Our company focuses on engineering difficulties and design and apply solutions according to customer needs.  The initial focus was on energy management and security integration on energy systems. Client needs were identified in engineering matters and solutions were designed to solve the needs. Systems that were designed, combined and implemented included Theft Resistant Solar Trailers and Lighting Plants, Solar Lights, Wi-Fi/ Telecommunication Devices. Hammerglass was implemented in certain applications and demand for this type of glass kept growing. Installation of Hammerglass started to become the core business function.

Dezinufy is the first African Company to bring Hammerglass to the mining construction environment. Our product is 2 times lighter than normal glass but 300 times stronger giving us the ability to give up to 5 years guarantee that our glass will not be damaged in extreme environments. Dezinufy hold unique rights, designs and patented solutions for various implementations in the African Automotive Construction environment and is working in collaboration with various OEMs to ensure that their customers experience ultimate quality during production operations.


Elaborating on our unique products:

Hammerglass has been tested and certified according to international standards to be impact and blast resistant. Hammerglass can be used on mobile equipment, in buildings, jewelery stores or can even be used for noise barriers. With Hammerglass installed on mining equipment no more production time is lost due to damaged windows.

Unbreakable Glass is a new concept in South Africa and the Southern Hemisphere. Dezinufy spent more than a year doing research and development of applications and techniques to install unbreakable glass in mining machines (Earth Mobile Equipment). With the rising concerns raised by the DMR (Department of Minerals and Energy) Dezinufy’s Unbreakable Glass has become a key ingredient in making the operator working environment much safer and this glass also helps to increase machine production time and hence efficiency. The glass is IS9001 Certified and can withstand impact from flying objects and also, with specific designs the force from explosions. Dezinufy is the first company in the southern hemisphere known to have successfully installed unbreakable glass to mining equipment with more than 50 square meters of glass successfully installed.


Company Strategy

Dezinufy focusses on big and small scale engineering projects. Our company strategy is according to our slogan:

Identify – Design – Unify

  • Identify the customer needs
  • Design a cost effective solution
  • Unify the design and need and implement the solution


Integrity – Accurate, timeous project delivery beyond customer expectations

Respect – Respect for all employees, clients and cultures




  • Dezinufy’s vision is to build and grow a company that identifies any client’s problems and related needs, design technical engineered solutions and implement the design to unify and solve the problems and needs with complete, manageable solutions.
  • Dezinufy aims to reduce operational cost on construction sites and to create a safer working environment for all employees


Become the first thought of mind and contact point of each customer when they have technical and safety related glass challenges and solve their problems without the need of future adjustments.


  • Maximising personal safety in tough environments. Large rocks, trees, logs, sharp stones and explosions – the machine driver must feel safe when facing any of these hazards.
  • Reducing production time due to frequent glass damage (Earth Moving)
  • Decreasing machine maintenance cost (Machines stand for repairs to windows at an average of four (4) times per year (Earth Moving)
  • Farmers have a safer home (Building)
  • Shops do not lose money due to damage of windows and theft of store items (Building)
  • General buildings are made safer and more theft resistant (Building)