Hammerglass is half the weight but 300X stronger than glass

Dezinufy is the first South African company to bring Hammerglass, the unbreakable glass to the mining construction environment. Our product is 2 times lighter than normal glass but 300 times stronger, certified and tested according to European standards.

The Latest Innovation In Glass Technology Leading You Into A New World of Unbreakable Glass Solutions.

HAMMERGLASS Is Certified According to European Standards

Our glass has been tested and certified according to European standards to be blast resistant in specific applications. The glass can be used on mobile equipment and in buildings or can even be used for noise barriers. With this glass installed on mining equipment no more production time is lost due to damaged windows.

The Latest Innovation In Glass Technology Leading You Into A New World of Unbreakable Glass Solutions.


“Dezinufy brings Hammerglass Automotive Products, the Unbreakable Glass to the construction market in South Africa. This opens up a new era of Safety Measures which have proven success in European countries. Depending on the type of application the customer can choose between four levels of safety applications. The highest rating is category 4. In this category all windows around the machine cabin are RABS approved. RABS Classification is a Swedish Work Environment requirement for machine operator protection against falling rocks and undetonated charges. Certain tests need to be passed in order to get the RABS approval.

Safety cannot be compromised but with that said, neither can production. By installing Hammerglass on construction machines we give you a guaranteed peace of mind when it comes to the life and safety of the operator but also when it comes to production availability of the machine. NO MORE BROKEN Windows. Up to 5% production availability is lost annually due to broken windows. Hammerglass eliminates those losses to a large extent leading to increased availability and increased profits.

Hammerglass Automotive South Africa offers an unbreakable glass solution to a wide range of machines ranging from loaders, excavators, forestry machines, tractors to draglines, dozers and drills. By installing Hammerglass to a machine the risk of splintering glass and flying objects injuring the operator is reduced. With the glass being 300 times stronger than normal glass one would probably not replace the window in a long time. To prevent scratching over time we offer sacrificial layers in different forms to extend the service time of your Hammerglass Window.

Hammerglass is approved according to ISO9001 and ISO14001. “

Looking For Unbreakable Glass?

Dezinufy supplies a comprehensive range of Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE’s unbreakable screens for all manner of construction machinery. Our focus is to provide a safe, comfortable safer driver environment.