Hammerglass known for many quality ratings including blasting and impact resistance has again proven its class.

Upon arriving at the global company site early November 2017, it was clear that a lot of production time was lost on a dragline. The machine house was severely damaged, handrails bent over and certain steel walls completely bent inwards. A blasting accident occurred in which the dragline was damaged. Luckily all employees were evacuated before the blast and nobody was injured. The size of the blast caused flying rocks hitting the rear and far end of the dragline. Some parts of the boom had to be repaired and even the handrails mounted 30cm above the installed Hammerglass was completely bent flat onto the roof.

Usually in incidents like this the operator cab would be wrecked to such an extent that control levers, electronic monitoring equipment and furniture would be replaced. Hammerglass prevented exactly that. The window withstood impact from at least 6 flying rocks with estimated sizes of 30cm in diameter. The Hammerglass was cleaned and inspected and thoughts and discussion were loudly exchanged about the possible loss of life or money should Hammerglass not have been installed.