Considering current global market situations any company would go to extreme measures to ensure that their assets are managed and protected beyond thinkable means. Unforeseen expenses can cause enormous waves throughout the company. One such expense which is mostly not taken seriously is damaged glass. It is not only the extra cost of the replacement window but also the loss production time and frequently operator injury that leads to these unforeseen expenses.

Hammerglass once again proved its quality after it was installed on one of the most critical production machines found on opencast mines. The client requested the virtually unbreakable glazing solution installed as side windows on the operator cabin. A few months after the installation of Hammerglass the machine had to be evacuated for blasting activities within 200m from the machine. Usually normal glass would be damaged directly by flying rocks or even because of shock waves. In the case of damaged windows it is often found that equipment inside the cabin is also damaged causing production downtime in order to repair equipment. Hammerglass prevented these expenses after it took impact from at least 6 large rocks. Steel Barriers around the window and cabin were ripped apart or bent but Hammerglass stood its ground and is still the main barrier between the operator and foreign objects.