“After more than 14 years on this mine have we never replaced these windows”. These were the words of a foreman after Hammerglass was ordered for installation on one the leading mining companies critical production machines. The Virtually Unbreakable Glazing Solution was installed and only five months later Dezinufy received a request from the foreman to urgently visit the machine. There had been a blasting incident where employees were evacuated before blasting but which caused damage to many parts of the machine. Handrails around the Hammerglass were completely bent flat and the machine was taken out of production for repairs. The installed Hammerglass was still in immaculate condition and clearly protected the cabin. The customer needed more Hammerglass as replacement of all other normal glass on the machine in order to increase safety levels. Usually incidents like this cause tremendous damage to equipment inside the operator cabin but luckily Hammerglass was installed.