Hammerglass Saves Lives

Hammerglass provides protection against both stone-throwing and Molotow cocktails – potential hazards that have unfortunately have become part of the daily routine for personnel in emergency vehicles. Hammerglass screens are produced in thicknesses to suit customer requirements and can be supplied both as flat and thermoformed screens. We provide ECE R43-certified solutions for all of a vehicle’s windows, which means that the vehicle does not need a special exemption for the use of polycarbonate in the windscreen.

Lighter than normal auto glass

Given that it is considerably lighter than normal auto glass, the choice of Hammerglass for vehicle windows can be of live-critical importance. When it comes to saving lives, it is important to have precisely the right medical equipment on board. Hammerglass keeps down the weight of the vehicle, which allows additional healthcare equipment to be carried while at the same time providing a vandal-proof solution which avoids the menace of broken glass. The Hammerglass screens are normally supplied as one-way dark-tinted opaque screens/windows suitable for fitting in the rear and side windows of an ambulance. In Sweden there are over 300 ambulances on the road with unbreakable Hammerglass fitted in the windows.


Looking For Unbreakable Glass?

Dezinufy supplies a comprehensive range of Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE’s unbreakable screens for all manner of construction machinery. Our focus is to provide a safe, comfortable safer driver environment.