Sacrificial Screens & Sacrificial Film


Sacrificial Screens & Sacrificial Film

The Hammerglass screens withstand both chemicals and windscreen wipers. In highly exposed environments,where normal screens are subject to chippingdamage or abrasion by sand, grit and gravel, the Hammerglass-screen can be provided with a self-adhesive sacrificial film, which the driver can replace as and when required. A sacrificial screen rotects the thicker Hammerglass-screen in the RABS-frame during hammering.

Additional sacrificial screen

Dusty environments, quarrying and a constant onslaught of stone chippings cause heavy wear and tear on the machine screens. The sacrificial screen in 4 mm Hammerglass is designed to protect the sturdier 12 mm screen in the RABS-frame, and is a pure wearing product like the teeth of the digger bucket. The patented sacrificial screen is supplied with a moisture absorber around the outer edge and is fitted to the RABS-frame with cross nobs. A rubber seal fits tightly against the frame and prevents the ingress of water between the sacrificial screen and the RABS-screen. The heat from the cab keeps the sacrificial screen ice free during the wintertime. The screen is easy to remove when not in use, and easy to replace when it has become damaged by stone chippings.

Sacrificial film for extended durability

The Hammerglass screens are coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide (this can be most closely likened to a thin glass membrane), which protects the screens against scratches and wear and tear. The windscreen wiper does not normally cause screen wear. In sand-filled environments, however, and when the screen is exposed to gravel and grit, we recommend that a scratch-resistant sacrificial film is applied to the Hammerglass screen. The sacrificial filmĀ  is an additional protection that extends the life of the Hammerglass pane. The film consists of two layers of protective plastic foil, with a surface that can withstand some pretty rough use. However, it should not be confused with the protective coating of the Hammerglass pane. The sacrificial film is a consumable item. When the film has become sufficiently worn, it is replaced with a new one. Depending on the degree of wear, the sacrificial film will need to be replaced at various intervals. It could be once a week, once a month and so on.


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3rd September 2017