Safety Levels

Safety Levels

The level of safety required depends on the type of activity involved. For normal work, Protection Category 1 is more than sufficient. This corresponds to 8 mm Hammerglass in the windscreen in order to eliminate the risk of breaking glass. However, if the machine is being used in very tough environments where there is a risk of stones being propelled at high speed, or of explosions occurring, then thicker RABS approved screens will be required all around the cab. Hammerglass AUTOMOTIVE offers a comprehensive range of unbreakable screens for all types of construction machinery, with the focus on a safer driver environment. Our solutions help to provide enhanced personal protection and a reduced risk of unscheduled stoppages which would entail unnecessary downtime costs.

Increased safety requirement

The Swedish Work Environment Authority has increased the requirement on personal safety in work carried out in tough environments. Excerpt from the Swedish Work Environment Authority Directive AFS 2010:1 “Mining and quarrying”:
Boulder handling, crushing and mechanical demolition of rocks
42 §   When a hydraulic hammer or other equipment is used for breaking up boulders or solid rock surfaces, measures shall be taken to protect those who are working from dust and detonating duds, and to prevent them from being struck by flying rocks.
43 §   When rocks are being crushed, the creation and scattering of dust shall be prevented.
44 §   Measures shall be taken to ensure that those who are working on or near crushing equipment are protected from flying rocks and fragments from a detonating dud.

RABS – Explosion tested for maximum safety

RABS is the designation for vehicle screens which indicates that the screens satisfy the Swedish Work Environment Authority requirements relating to personal protection during work involving a risk of encounters with undetonated explosives and falling rocks, and during quarrying activity. In order to be marked RABS Approved, the screens must pass all of the following four tests. Hammerglass in a steel frame satisfies the RABS requirements.

R43 ECE Regulation No.43 (R43). A comprehensive series of tests for vehicle glass, including scratch protection, UV protection and elongation. Compulsory if the vehicle is capable of travelling at a speed in excess of 50 km/h.
AXE Sharp object (EN 356, P8B), a test in which the screen withstands 72 blows from a machine-mounted axe, without the axe penetrating the glass.
BLAST Pressure wave upon detonation (EN 13123-2 and EN 13124-2), a test in which 3 kg TNT are detonated at a distance of 3 metres from a screen mounted in an approved steel frame. All screens are mounted in a steel frame so that they cannot be forced into the cab.
STONE Heavy objects at high speed (EN 15152-2), a test in which a 1 kg aluminium projectile is propelled against the screen at a speed of 450 km/h and at an angle of 90 degrees thereto. Equivalent to a large rock propelled at high speed.

Choosing the level of safety



For simpler tasks where there is a risk of stone chippings. Usually required for the windscreen and/or side screen on diggers, wheel loaders, tractors, etc. The original screens are replaced with 8 mm Hammerglass screens, which are fitted in the same way as the original screens.

Windscreen: 8 mm Hammerglass, split/non-split

Boom side window: 8 mm Hammerglass


For a safer driver environment where quarrying and boulder handling is being carried out and there is a risk of flying rocks and stones, and also to protect against vandalism. The original screens are replaced with 8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass screens, which are fitted in the same way as the original screens.

Front window: 8 mm Hammerglass, split/non-split

Remaining screens: 8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass




Where a single machine is operating and there is a risk of undetonated explosives – but no risk of explosions from the side, and where quarrying is being carried out or there is a risk of rock fall.

Front window: 12 mm Hammerglass in explosion tested steel frame, RABS Approved

Remaining screens: 8 mm/12 mm Hammerglass


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3rd September 2017