Safety Screens

Sharp rocks, big stones, branches, unstable loads – a driver without protection is living a dangerous life. Hammerglass offers unbreakable glass solutions as a substitute for standard screens, bullet resistant glass and mesh-reinforced glass. Hammerglass replacement screens are available for the most commonly occurring machines, in thicknesses appropriate to the screen size and specific protection needs involved. Hammerglass screens are bonded to the cab like the original screens.

Requirements for vehicle glazing

Scratch resistance – The screen must not be scratched by the windscreen wiper, unless there is sand or grit on the screen. Hammerglass screens are coated with a thin layer of silicon oxide which protects against scratches and wear and tear. In sand-filled environments, however, we recommend that a sacrificial film is applied to the screen.
Sharp object – During quarrying and metal recycling sharp-edged projectiles are directed at the screen. The screen must withstand such attacks, but eventually it will become chipped and will need to be replaced.
Large rocks – The screen must remain in place and protect the driver if large rocks strike the cab at high speed.
Pressure wave – The screen must remain in place in its mounting in an encounter with undetonated explosives. It must not be forced into the cab by the pressure wave or sucked out by the vacuum generated following the explosion. Hammerglass RABS  approved screens are explosion tested and comply with the driver safety requirements of the Swedish Work Environment Authority.





Posted on

3rd September 2017