Dezinufy is the first South African Company to bring unbreakable glass to the African Mining and Construction environment.

Some of our products are 2 times lighter than normal glass but 300 times stronger, certified and tested according to European standards giving us the ability to give clients peace of mind that our glass will not be damaged in extreme environments.

Our products has been tested, implemented in the working environment with great success and some products certified according to European standards to be blast resistant in specific applications.

The glass is mainly used on mobile equipment. With this glass installed on equipment no more production time is lost due to damaged windows and operators are protected to a larger extend.

Our experience in this unique field attracts customers throughout the African Continent and many carry out their own installations with guided instructions.

Customers especially choose our products on machines like Face Shovels, Drill Rigs, Excavators and Front End Loaders.

Some installations are also carried out on Graders, Dozers, Dump Trucks and TLBs.

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